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Information for CSC Scholarship-U.S. Degree Program 2016

Information for CSC Scholarship-U.S. Degree Program 2016

1. Student’s Categories:

Full-time undergraduate, Master’s and doctoral students.

2. Eligibility:

(1)U.S.citizen, and in good health;

(2) Currently study or work abroad.

3. Programs:

Please see the appendix 3.

4. Instruction Language:

(1) All programsin Chinese medium are available. Students may apply one year Chinesepreparatory course if their Chinese level do not reach the criteria.

(2) The followingprograms are available in English medium:

Undergraduate degrees: Logistics Management, Architecture, Mechanical Engineering & Automation, MBBS, Business Administration, International Economy and Trade, Finance, Accounting (CPA Canada), Computer Science, Visual Communication Design, Product Design, Fine Arts;

Master’s degrees:Business Administration, Aquaculture, Fishery Resources, Materials Engineering, Communication and Information System, Port and Shipping Technology and Management Engineering, Sino-Australian MBA;

Doctoral degrees:Aquaculture, Fishery Resources;

(3) The following programs are available in French medium:

Undergraduate degree:Tourism Management

Master’s degree:Tourism Management

(4)Ifapplicants want to apply other programs instructed in English, Please contact usfor availability.

5. Content and Criteria of Scholarship:

(1) The duration of undergraduate programs is 4 years, master’s program is 3 years,and doctoral program is 3 years. Durationfor scholarship specified at the admission notice cannot be extended inprinciple (students may apply for one year preparatory Chinese courses if their level of Chinese language cannot reach the criteria before starting theiracademic programs.).

* The study duration ofMaster’s programs in English Medium in Business Administration is 2.5 years and Sino-Australian MBA is 2 years.

(2) Scholarship is full amount including: tuition, accommodation fee, comprehensive medical insurance, and living allowance.

(3) International travel expenses are not included.

(4) Living allowance is granted to the scholarship students monthly. Doctoral degree students: RMB 3500/month, Master’s degree students: RMB 3000/month, undergraduate degree students: RMB 2500/month.

6. Requirements for Applicants:

(1)  Applicants must be a U.S. citizen who should obey Chinese laws and regulations and university disciplines, respect Chinese customs and habits and have good morality.

(2)  Applicants for undergraduate Degree programs must be a high school graduate and be under the age of 25;

(3)  Applicants for Master’s Degree program must have Bachelor’s degree certified by MOE and be under age of 35;

(4)  Applicants for Doctoral Degree program must have Master’s degree certified by MOE and be under age of 40;

(5)  Applicants have excellent scores.  Applicants for Master’s Degree or Doctoral Degree program must be recommended by from twoprofessors or associate professors;

(6)  Applicants have no other scholarships from Chinesegovernment.

7. Application Procedures

Step 1. Apply Online

(1) Register and email to International Student Admission email box at ; fill in and submit the applicationform. After submission, please print application form;

(2) Register andlogin CSC Scholarship Application Online System (; fill in and submitthe application form (Agent number of NBU is 11646). After submission, please downloadand print application form.

Step 2. Submit Application Documents

(please provide two copies of all application documentsin Chinese or English):

(1) NBU International Students Application Form, Chinese Government ScholarshipApplication Form, with your signature and photos;

(2) Highest degreecertificate. If applicants are still study in other schools, or have a job, theverification of study or employment should be attached;

(3) Academictranscripts;

(4) Certificate ofHSK or BCT for the program instructed in Chinese (not  necessary);Certificate of IELTSor TOEFL for programs instructed in English (except mother language isEnglish).

(5) Photocopy of Physical Examination Record for Foreigner (printed by Chinese Quarantine Authorities), originalcopies of Physical Examination Record for Foreigner must be carried whenentering China;

(6) Study and Research Scheme (at least 800 words);

(7) Recommendation letters from two professors or associate professors;

(8) Photocopy of passport.

(9) Lists of publication( including paper title, journalname and time) ,if any;

(10) Lists of award certificates for particular talentsand special skills, if any;

* Please send the above documents to the following address before application deadline:

International Student Division,International College,Ningbo University,

No. 818 Fenghua Road, Jiangbei District, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China (Post code: 315211)

* All application documents will not be returned.

8. Application Deadline:April 20, 2016

9. Class starts Date:September 2016

10. Contacts

Mr. Chai Dacai  Tel:  0086-574-87600963  

Ms. Li Ming     Tel: 0086-574-87609671 

Cicy            Tel: 0086-574-87609671

Admission Email:   

WeChat ID: isic_NBU 


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